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Our company was established since 1985 situated in Hunan Province, People’s Republic of China. The company is the major manufacturer and distributor of jewelry which our main products are gold, silver and watches. In year 1989 our company had imported Korea high precision Cutting Machine, and establish the factory for production of Cubic Zirconia (CZ)) as a finished product and part of jewelry product. In year1993, after we had expanded our manufacturing to certain extent, we started to sell lesser jewelries, and watches, and emphasis more on producing Cubic Zirconia (CZ) finished goods to meet the demand of the market. The company focus and strictly control of all manufacturing process to ensure the quality of product and on the same time invested in research and development for years, and finally we achieve the highest quality standard of 5A. Furthermore, during years of research and development the company successfully invented the polishing powder specialized for Cubic Zirconia (CZ)), by using our polishing powder the reflection will be clearly more sparkling when compared to other polishing powder and our product is highly successful in the market, at the same time our company had our own brand name  “SUN STONES” In 1997 had established company in Thailand for manufacturing of premium product for international market. In 2003, our company quit selling finished product in local country. All the products were supply through order from Thailand company. In order to supply to the needs of the market, the company had developed several products of different grade to ensure that the customer would able to purchase our products with high quality at lower price. Currently, the company has products range from A+ ,AA, AA+, AAA, 4A and 5A ,which all information can be access from the company’s product documents. Now our company has 15 production workshops with 500 workers. With complete production line we can support our customer’s order, we are able to ensure our quality, and at the same time we are able to rapidly accomplish customer different specification such as COLOR CZ, GLASS, CORUNDUM, SPINEL and 925 high quality products.

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